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Uhuru from Lesotho by their Founder and First Manager Peter E. Schneider

When I arrived in the tiny country of Lesotho in Southern Africa in 1975 I immediately started to look around for a local band. I had been a drummer in rock bands in Switzerland, a DJ at parties, and had a large record collection part of which I brought with me to Africa. There were no bands to talk about. I went to every club in Maseru where there were…

Uhuru Band Members by Cathy Ingram

BLACK JESUSWhen I first laid eyes on Black Jesus was in 1973, I was an 18 year old curious minded young woman. Black Jesus ignited curiosity in me more, when one winter night the Lancers Inn hotel bar door flew opened. Stepping in was an African man beside him a beautiful tall white woman with long black hair, dressed in black tight pants tugged in her high stiletto black leather…

Sankomota – Live – August 1985 – “Shooting Star”

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